Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Amazing Hike (A. age 10)

One day an amazing thing happened at the Hesed House. The amazing thing that happened is that there was an amazing hike. There is something amazing that happened on that hike; they found animal tracks and they followed them. The animal tracks led to a bear and its cave.

The good thing is that the bear was sleeping and none of the people wanted to wake it up. But once when one of the people woke it up by stepping on a very large stick, the bear starting chasing the people! The people ran all over the place until they found shelter. Their shelter was a high tree, and they were stuck in the high branches.

Everyone was okay, except for one person. She couldn't climb up the tree. She kept trying and trying. But fortunately, the bear got tired and ran away.

editor's note: I feel the need to point out that this is a work of fiction. There was a hike. There was no bear. Thank heavens.


Lianne Raymond said...

Great story. I am a teacher and I used to live in place that had a lot of bears and sometimes we had to keep the students in the school during recess because there was a bear around. The forest rangers would put a big cage in the schoolyard to catch the bear and then take him far away from the school.

Sharon said...

I hope the bear remains in the story even if it's fiction. I like the bear. We don't have many bears in New York City, except at the zoo.

hana said...

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