Monday, March 31, 2008

Here Come the Sun Again T-age 13

Long, long ago, the sun burned out on purpose because everyone was trying to put her in their homes so that they could see. It was really dark without the sun; no one could see a thing. But then, a woman made a lantern. Everyone was happy then, because now at least everyone could see a little bit.

The people wanted to be able to see a whole lot more, though, so they asked the sun to come out again. The sun said, "no!". When the people asked why, the sun said, "because I am mad at all of you". The people wanted to know more about that. The sun reminded them that in the past they had all tried to take little parts of her, and she's afraid that they will do it again.

The sun reminded them that the lanterns they liked so much each had a little bit of the sun in them. The old lady who invented the lanterns had tricked the sun into giving up a part of herself. So the people said, 'we won't try that again". The sun's answer was "if you find the other parts of me that she didn't give back, then I'll come back and light up the earth."

So then the people set out to search for the sun parts. They found the pieces and hurried back, trying not to drop the pieces. They were afriad that the sun pieces would burn everything in their path. They were successful, returned the pieces of the sun, and the sun shone again over all the land.

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