Friday, April 11, 2008

H's Reflections

As I sit here and write, I would never have thought I could have a smile on my face like I do today. My life has changed drastically.

I became homeless with two children about a year ago. Not by choice! The main reason I became homeless was that I need to escape a domestically violent situation. A daily struggle to survive became a lifestyle for my family. I wanted and needed something better for all of us. So, the three of us came to Hesed hosue and began our journey.

It definitely wasn't an easy journey. But I gained strength to go on, more friends -an extended family, really-, took care of medical needs for myself and my children, learned some parenting tricks for having a better relationship with my kids, gained important documents, counseling, and financial support.

And most importantly, I have now obtained my own home. My journey at Hesed House is now over, but my journey in life is not. I hope that my new beginning will be a lot easier than the last "new beginning!"

I thank everyone who has been through the last year of my struggles. My children and I can't say it enough or show how much we appreciate Hesed House.

Thank you!

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